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It felt amazing to know that Binge Eating Disorder was a real medical condition... it wasn't just me.

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Hear From Other
Adults With B.E.D.

Information About Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D.):

  • B.E.D. is a real medical condition
  • B.E.D. is the most common eating disorder in US adults

Although the cause of B.E.D. is unknown, these may play a role:

  • Certain chemicals in the brain
  • Family history and certain life experiences
Talk to your health care provider and learn more about B.E.D. through an interactive slideshow

What B.E.D. Looks Like in Adults

  • 1

    Regularly eating far more food than most adults would in a similar time period and in similar circumstances, and feeling that one's eating is out of control during a binge

  • 2

    Binge eating episodes that include three of the following:

    • Eating extremely fast
    • Eating beyond feeling full
    • Eating a lot when not hungry
    • Eating in secret to hide how much is being eaten
    • Feeling terrible after a binge
  • 3

    Feeling very upset by eating binges

  • 4

    On average, binge eating at least once a week for three months

  • 5

    Unlike people with other eating disorders, adults with B.E.D. don't routinely try to "undo" their excessive eating with extreme actions like throwing up or over-exercising

This is not a complete list of Binge Eating Disorder symptoms. It is always best to talk to your health care provider for an individual diagnosis.

View a more complete list of symptoms

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